Learn why floor covering professionals across America are all saying #whyidomotex!

#whyidomotex Exhibitors

See why many of the industry's leading exhibitors are all saying #whyidomotex and why they'll come back for DOMOTEX USA 2020

"What's new, what's latest, what's inspiring. That's #whyidomotex."

Kirk Roberts, Bona

"To get better brand exposure for our products. That's #whyidomotex."

Fabian Kölliker, SWISS KRONO

"Global representation for our brands and our products.That's #whyidomotex."

Piet Dossche, COREtec

"Brand exposure and customer relationships. That's #whyidomotex."

Katie Ford, Anderson Tuftex

"An opportunity to get exposure to a new customer base on the eastern half of the country. That's #whyidomotex."

T.M. Nuckols, The Dixie Group

"Great location for our employees. That's #whyidomotex."

Pat Oakley, Mullican

"Demonstrating our new products and getting to see the reactions of our customers. That's #whyidomotex."

Carrie Edwards, Anderson Tuftex

"Relationship building; fashion; being around like-minded retailers. That's #whyidomotex."

Keith Spano, CCA Global

"To find some new opportunities. That's #whyidomotex."

Frédéric Hostetter, Frédéric Hostetter, NK Sales

"The leading place to see what's new in the flooring industry. That's #whyidomotex."

Rob Leahy, Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC)

"Different types of clients here. That's #whyidomotex."

Paul Vanderbrooke, Ciranova-Debal

#whyidomotex Professionals

See why thousands of industry professionals made DOMOTEX USA the fastest growing floor covering show in America and why they're all saying #whyidomotex.

Jerry Arcari is the founder of Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting in Boston.

"In addition to the top U.S. manufacturers, DOMOTEX USA had products from China and India here which we can’t really shop anywhere else, so I was pleasantly surprised with what was here. The variety of products is #whyidomotex."

Jerry Arcari
Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting

Loretta Willis
Loretta’s Interior Design, LLC

"All designers should attend DOMOTEX USA because we are ever-growing,  our industry is ever-changing and any time we can get the opportunity to expose ourselves to the latest and greatest in flooring is a good reason for attending."

Loretta Willis
Loretta's Interior Design LLC

2019 World Tour Winners

Hear why last year's contest winners are saying #whyidomotex and sign up to stay tuned for exciting new announcements!

Allison Weiner<br>
<strong>HJ Martin and Son</strong>

"Unique products and brandbuilding. That's #whyidomotex."

Allison Weiner
2019 DOMOTEX World Tour Winner

Joanne Rice <br>
<strong>Touchdown Carpet & Flooring</strong>

"New design ideas and new contacts from the East coast. That's #whyidomotex."

Joanne Rice
2019 DOMOTEX World Tour Winner

What's Your Domotex?

DOMOTEX USA 2020 is going to be even bigger and better. Early bird pricing is now in effect, so sign up today with #whyidomotex.