Learn why floor covering professionals across America are all saying #whyidomotex!

#whyidomotex Exhibitors

See why many of the industry's leading exhibitors are all saying #whyidomotex and why they support DOMOTEX USA

"What's new, what's latest, what's inspiring. That's #whyidomotex."

Kirk Roberts, Bona

"To get better brand exposure for our products. That's #whyidomotex."

Fabian Kölliker, SWISS KRONO

"Global representation for our brands and our products.That's #whyidomotex."

Piet Dossche, COREtec

"Brand exposure and customer relationships. That's #whyidomotex."

Katie Ford, Anderson Tuftex

"An opportunity to get exposure to a new customer base on the eastern half of the country. That's #whyidomotex."

T.M. Nuckols, The Dixie Group

"Great location for our employees. That's #whyidomotex."

Pat Oakley, Mullican

"Demonstrating our new products and getting to see the reactions of our customers. That's #whyidomotex."

Carrie Edwards, Anderson Tuftex

"Relationship building; fashion; being around like-minded retailers. That's #whyidomotex."

Keith Spano, CCA Global

"To find some new opportunities. That's #whyidomotex."

Frédéric Hostetter, Frédéric Hostetter, NK Sales

"The leading place to see what's new in the flooring industry. That's #whyidomotex."

Rob Leahy, Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC)

"Different types of clients here. That's #whyidomotex."

Paul Vanderbrooke, Ciranova-Debal

#whyidomotex Professionals

See why thousands of industry professionals made DOMOTEX USA the fastest growing floor covering show in America and why they're all saying #whyidomotex.

Jerry Arcari is the founder of Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting in Boston.

"In addition to the top U.S. manufacturers, DOMOTEX USA had products from China and India here which we can’t really shop anywhere else, so I was pleasantly surprised with what was here. The variety of products is #whyidomotex."

Jerry Arcari
Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting

Loretta Willis
Loretta’s Interior Design, LLC

"All designers should attend DOMOTEX USA because we are ever-growing,  our industry is ever-changing and any time we can get the opportunity to expose ourselves to the latest and greatest in flooring is a good reason for attending."

Loretta Willis
Loretta's Interior Design LLC

2019 World Tour Winners

Hear why last year's contest winners are saying #whyidomotex and sign up to stay tuned for exciting new announcements!

Allison Weiner<br>
<strong>HJ Martin and Son</strong>

"Unique products and brandbuilding. That's #whyidomotex."

Allison Weiner
2019 DOMOTEX World Tour Winner

Joanne Rice <br>
<strong>Touchdown Carpet & Flooring</strong>

"New design ideas and new contacts from the East coast. That's #whyidomotex."

Joanne Rice
2019 DOMOTEX World Tour Winner

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