Domotex USA

DOMOTEX USA 2020 - Education: Feb 5 - 7, Show Floor: Feb 6 - 7

Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

Education: Feb 5 - 7, Show Floor: Feb 6 - 7
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

The Digital Playbook for 2019 – FloorForce

Growth Sessions
February 28, 2019 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Digital Growth   Growth Sessions Bundle  


The Digital Playbook for 2019 presented by FloorForce is designed to give the attendee a clear and thorough understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape and give step by step advice on leveraging your existing flooring business to win digitally.  Learn insights from industry and technology experts with hands-on experience successfully developing and executing digital programs for thousands of floorcovering retailers each and every day.

Attendees will learn (among other things):

  • What the data from 5 million flooring shoppers says is really happening in the flooring marketplace.
  • Why success in 2019 will be very different from 2018.
  • How to choose the right manufacturers, technology partners and staff for success as the industry goes digital.

Act 1 - Digital Marketing Won… Now It's Your Turn

Digital Marketing Won… Now It's Your Turn will share an industry outlook of the online marketing landscape, how to harness online marketing to keep a flooring store open 24/7, how to successfully build brand equity with the store’s exit strategy in mind and how to staff your company for success.


  • Understanding What Is Really Going on Online
  • Your Mindset, Not Your Competitors, Will Make You or Break You in 2019
  • How to Successfully Keep Your Flooring Store Open 24/7
  • Building Brand Equity So You Can One Day Retire or Sell
  • Picking the Right Team (Manufacturers, Technology Partners, Staff) To Crush 2019

John Weller, Co-founder of FloorForce, LLC

Act 2 - Ex-Googler Explains Advertising Flooring on Google

Ex-Googler Explains Advertising Flooring on Google will speak about working at Google and why Todd is now focused on the flooring industry. It will provide input into finding, understanding and connecting with the correct audience through digital channels. Saunders also will discuss how to fill the sales pipeline and leverage the store’s data for new business leads.


  • From Google To Flooring Stores - Working at Google, Why I Left & Am Now Focused on The Flooring Industry
  • Filling Your Sale Pipeline - Leveraging Your Data into Leads
  • Finding Your Audience - Understanding & Connecting with Your Audience Through Digital Channels

Todd Saunders,
CEO of AdHawk /


Act 3 - The Short-Term Pain, For Long-Term Gain

The Short-Term Pain For Long-Term Gain will share why the speaker built a technology company while running his $100 million flooring company, he will reveal how to align employees’ goals with the retailer’s goals and will showcase his company’s successful customer relationship management system.


  • From 0 to 100 Million - My Story
  • Why I Built a Technology Company While Running a 100 Million Dollar Flooring Company
  • Getting Your Employees Goals to Align with Yours
  • The Before and After of Using a Customer Relationship Management System

Jason Goldberg,
Founder - Retail Lead Management / CEO - America's Floor Source