Disrupting Resilient Flooring’s Evolution

Adore® Floors, the Gateway to Great Vinyl Flooring

Adore® Floors, Inc., formerly Daejin America, Inc., is a leading supplier of vinyl floorcoverings for the residential and commercial markets.  From humble origins in 1979 post-war South Korea, to a thriving flooring supply business, Adore® has seen LVT’s journey from an unknown category to a commodity product by 2019, along with remarkable changes throughout the flooring industry.

Adore® entered the U.S. flooring market in 1997 with an LVT product called Decoria, widely known as “deco-tile” throughout Asia, and unheard of outside of small commercial circles.  As a relatively unknown or unfamiliar product category, Adore®faced educational and product exposure challenges today’s LVT suppliers have never encountered, and established routes of business previously unavailable to traditional solid vinyl tile suppliers.  Adore® now counts 13 different product lines available in the U.S., from economy-grade, multi-family residential products to the top rigid core commercial offerings.

With a history of supplying OEM goods to established brands and suppliers, Adore® is well-versed in producing a nimble and adaptable range of products to interested parties, while specializing in supplying or tailoring products previously unavailable todistributors and end-users.  Evaluating floorcoverings for commercial or residential use, validating equipment and processes of production facilities, staying abreast of and implementing new developments in product and manufacturing techniques, all while establishing improved standards for quality control and research departments are tremendous consulting benefits Adore® offers to both suppliers and customers.

Adore® will be offering their new floating range of 60” and 72” EIR SRC products at Domotex Atlanta, along with the latest offerings such as an instant commercial floorcovering, as well as, new additions to our high-volume residential and multifamily flooring lines.

Adore® has been a proud exhibitor at the Domotex Hanover show for nearly a decade and has enjoyed tremendous success with their platform.  We love to talk about the industry, share perspectives, and further our relationships with both customers and suppliers, as well as forge new relationships with sympathetic industry members.  If you share our vision and goals, then we look forward to seeing you at Booth 2180 in Atlanta!