Podium is an interaction platform for local businesses.


Podium is the simplest way to collect reviews, gather insights, and talk to customers in realtime through text.

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The way that consumers find, engage, and choose a business has changed dramatically in recent years. Instead of turning to their family and friends for recommendations or frequenting the same businesses over and over again, they are turning to the internet to help them make purchase decisions. As a result, businesses that don’t make it convenient for consumers to find and interact with them online are going to be left behind.

Benefits of using Podium:

Grow your business
Businesses using the Podium Messaging Platform report selling 5% more goods or services because of sales initiated or made through text.

Improve satisfaction
77% of businesses using the Podium Messaging Platform feel that their customers are more satisfied receiving text messages from their business than other forms of communication.

Increase efficiency
Podium’s Messaging Platform helps users save 5 hours a week on average.

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