Heritage artistry combined with uncompromising quality brought to you by Mullican Flooring®

Mullican Flooring was founded in 1985 along the banks of the Greenbrier River in Ronceverte, WV. Bill Mullican, a Lumberman by trade, sourced locally from the prime timber tracks and started the production of beautifully crafted hardwood floors. His reputation for producing the highest quality hardwood floors quickly spread across the country, establishing Mullican Flooring as the premier brand of hardwood flooring. That tradition and legendary craftsmanship continues today.

We are located in the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern United States, a region well known for its prime, slow-growing hardwoods. These hardwoods produce beautiful, consistent grain patterns that help to enhance color and promote durability. These grain patterns have emerged from a land of rich heritage and tradition. They are testimony to a proud way of life that celebrates a culture of freedom, grit, and strong work ethic.

We dedicate ourselves to creating of the highest quality hardwood flooring in the world. Our founders knew the combination of precision milling, advanced kiln-drying techniques, and the most demanding inspectors available would result in products unmatched in the marketplace.

Flooring is the stage on which life unfolds. It’s about their lives, their families, and their moments. We are simply stewards of the natural beauty that surrounds us and work to craft products that bring real beauty and joy to homes and dwelling places. When people put our products into their homes, they strengthen their connection with nature and with their own sense of self.

We proudly affirm our commitment to time-honored values that have guided us since the beginning. Authenticity, heritage, sustainability, artistry—pillars that will continue to guide us into the future. These are the values that our customers and partners can count on us to deliver now and in the future, without compromise.

We are very excited to launch two new additions to our engineered flooring line.

  • Wexford Kiln-Aged Collection – a new carbonized collection within its engineered wood flooring line. The new collection uses a heat-treating technique to produce a unique color variation and uncover the natural grain patterns of the wood. Carbonization naturally retains the structural value of the wood with a multi-step approach, while creating a rich and natural look that is unmatched. Offering five upscale products, the addition of Wexford Kiln-Aged will distinguish Mullican Flooring from its competitors within the market.
  • Mount Castle Collection – available in both herringbone and wide-plank options. The herringbone products will be sold in 3.5- and 5-inch widths, and the wide-plank products will be offered in 7.44- and 9.45-inch widths. Available in white oak and walnut, Mount Castle is known for its hand-sculpted, wire-brushed, and whitewash finishes.

Visit our booth – 921 at the show to see the new additions as well as our 1500+ heritage inspired, artistic hardwood flooring products for yourself.

Contact – Pat Oakley, VP Marketing