Lead Retrieval



Gather all of the Benefits of Lead Retrieval with Convention Data Services

Exhibitors who use the official DOMOTEX 2020 lead retrieval vendor, CDS, realize the full value of lead retrieval:

  • Choose from an app, wireless handheld, and PC software solutions.
  • Utilize innovative features such as voice to text note entry, email follow-up, literature fulfillment, sales rep text alert, VIP alert, among many others.
  • When you order CDS lead retrieval you get instant access the Xpress Leads Exhibitor Portal – a web-based lead management portal; pre-show, onsite, and post show. Setup custom qualifiers, name devices, monitor lead generation real time, view lead summary reports, and downloading lead files are just some of the convenient tools available in the portal.
  • Attendees receive a personalized post-show recap of the exhibitors that they checked-in with.  Exhibitors who use other service providers are not included in this e-mail.
  • CDS offers a text message service to exhibitors to solve any issues with an onsite team that will come to your booth.  Other providers can only offer phone support if the scanner needs attention.

Cutting-Edge Tech: Expand Lead Retrieval Outside of the Booth

Imagine the possibilities where your entire team can connect at any function where attendees are wearing badges.  With the XPress Connect option, you purchase one main license for a mobile device and additional licenses for the others.  Set your team free to gather more leads!  Even better, impress your new connections by using the instant follow up features built into the Connect App such as Email Follow-up and Literature Fulfilment!

Important Badge Barcode Information:

This event has QR codes on the badges. If you use your own lead retrieval system, you will need to order Data Conversion or the Event API to obtain complete attendee data.

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Lead Retrieval Customer Service: 800-746-9734

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST