Five universal principles for marketing in the flooring industry

Five universal principles for marketing in the flooring industry

By Paul Friederichsen, Founder of BrandBiz and Education Director for DOMOTEX USA


In my 40-year career helping firms build and communicate value, including the last several years working closely with brands in the home décor and flooring sectors, I have found that one of the biggest challenges faced by most companies relates to successful marketing.

Each company has unique circumstances, faces different challenges and is presented with distinct opportunities. That said, in my experience, whether you are selling in Alaska, Texas or anywhere in between, there are five universal principles for marketing in the flooring industry:

  1. Establish your brand. I have found this to be a challenge for many of the entrepreneurs with whom I have worked. What is your company, product or service all about from a consumer perspective? Establishing a brand is about determining how to communicate your unique selling proposition to consumers in a compelling fashion.
  2. Understand your customers. This is, of course, closely related to the previous point. Who are your customers and what do they want? This will vary among companies and is another thing that nearly everyone struggles with. There are many ways to understand your customer, including analyzing customer databases and reviewing website analytics.
  3. Master digital media. Everyone knows by now that most information is consumed online. Traditional advertising formats — like radio, TV and newspapers — are being replaced with streaming media (which typically has no commercials but, instead, may feature product placements), websites, social media and, perhaps most importantly, video content.
  4. Create a unique in-store experience. It is no longer enough to open a storefront with some displays and samples. Modern consumers want a personalized experience that is unique and memorable.
  5. Focus on the horizon. Know what’s coming. Be aware of, and sensitive to, future industry trends.

These five universal principles for marketing in the flooring industry are high-level recommendations, to be sure. Those that want to know more need to take time away from their busy schedules to invest in themselves, and their businesses. As the fifth principle states; you must be aware of industry trends. One way to do that is to take courses, meet with vendors and network with fellow industry professionals.

Paul-Friederichsen and Show Director Donna Busse

DOMOTEX USA — taking place February 5–7, 2020 in Atlanta — represents an efficient way to accomplish all three of these goals. The second annual edition of DOMOTEX USA will be bigger and better, with more floor space, more exhibitors, and more educational opportunities. And, building on the principles that I have listed above, DOMOTEX USA will provide opportunities to immerse yourself in an environment where you can listen, observe, investigate, ask questions and learn; all over the course of just three days.

The event provides a unique opportunity to gain a global perspective of the flooring industry, featuring exhibitors from around the world. You can also access extensive learning opportunities that are not available at any other event in North America, including a stimulating conference program, courses that offer continuing education units (CEUs), world-class speakers, and free on-floor educational opportunities.

Do you want to have an edge in the marketplace? Are you looking to be at the top of your game? If so, register for DOMOTEX USA today.

About Paul Friederichsen

Paul brings 40 years of marketing experience to his role as Education Director for DOMOTEX USA. In 2005, Paul started BrandBiz, focusing on national and international floor covering brands and speaking at industry trade shows on the topic of marketing.

In 2015, Paul became a partner in The Blake Project and co-authors, one of the top 50 marketing resources on the Internet according to Advertising Age with 50,000+ marketers visiting daily. He is also a partner in The American Marketing Group, assisting brands in the home decor business based overseas to successfully launch in the United States.

As a creative director and marketing strategist, Paul has helped drive client results for agencies such as McCaffery and McCall (a Saatchi & Saatchi agency), Earle Palmer Brown, Van Winkle & Associates and The Hauser Group. He also served as a client-side marketer for the in-house agency of Ross Laboratories, a division of Abbot Laboratories.

Paul has helped shape the fortunes of emerging, national and global brands including The Home Depot, where he developed proprietary brands for more than a decade. His work was instrumental in the launch of the TrafficMaster brand, recognized as one of their most successful launches.

Paul has been described by associates and clients as a catalyst for differentiation and growth through his unique approach and deep understanding of both the creative and strategic process.

Paul is from Chattanooga, Tennessee, graduated Magna Cum Laude from East Tennessee State University and lives and works in Atlanta.