Domotex USA

Official Show Vendors & Contractors

General Contractor / Material Handling / Rigging

Phone: 888-508-5054


Shipping (Domestic)

ALG Tradeshow
Phone: 630-350-7000


Shipping (International)

Kuehne + Nagel


Housing (Hotel Accommodations)

Connections Housing
Phone: 404-842-0000



Dupree Security
Phone: 404-350-8355






Phone: 404-222-5500



Levy Restaurants
Phone: 404-223-4500


Audio Visual

Freeman AV
Phone: 1-888-508-5054



National Plant Floral
(702) 956-8011


Photography (TBD)


DOMOTEX USA is committed to providing you the best experience possible. We have selected these vendors below to provide our services. Always look for the approved Vendor Logo for each of our selected vendors. Below is a complete list to contact for any questions. If you need further assistance or have an issue or question about official contractors, please feel free to contact Hannover Fairs USA at 773-796-4250 or email


Shipping Goods Into The USA

OFAC administers sanctions and embargo programs involving, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Cuba, and named targets in the Balkans, Liberia, and Zimbabwe. Products of Burma (Myanmar), North Korea, imports of rough diamonds and timber from Liberia, Syria. Each sanction regime is driven by different U.S. foreign policy concerns and involves different levels of restriction. There are also specific labeling instructions that must be complied with for all materials used in the production of rugs and carpets. Please see your International Shipper or Khune + Nagel, the official international freight forwarder, for more information.


Unauthorized Vendor Warnings

***NOTE*** A constant struggle in our industry is the unethical and often illegal practices of companies calling our exhibitors and selling unauthorized services. Housing is a common target. Connections Housing is the only official company that can secure you a room for DOMOTEX USA. Any other company is not authorized to represent DOMOTEX USA, nor do they have access to our contracted rooms and rates. Before you give any of these scammers money, be aware that many cannot guarantee a reservation, because we have negotiated with these hotels for priority. You may be walked from a hotel or worse, they could steal your money and provide you with a doctored or fake confirmation. Event legitimate wholesalers do not get priority over our group, so be aware that booking outside of the block could force you to be moved to another hotel.

WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER SELL OUR ATTENDEE OR EXHIBITOR LISTS TO ANYONE. If you receive a solicitation for our attendee or exhibitor lists, these are all fake. We do not authorize anyone to use, resell, rent or otherwise provide payment for contact information for any of our shows.

If you receive solicitations from anyone other than the vendors listed above, please forward all notices to


Please note that Levy Restaurants is the official catering vendor at the GWCC. All catering must be ordered through Levy that will be served at the venue. All beer and wine must be purchased through Levy that will be served on site. They can place specialty orders for non-menu items if you notify them in advance. Please have all your specialty orders in 30 days prior to the start of the event.

If you want to bring a specialty item that cannot be obtained by Levy, you will be charged a per day “corking fee” which covers the cost of a sanitation inspector to review your food set up and a Hold Harmless waiver will also need to be signed. Please contact Levy Restaurants directly at or call 404-223-4500 for an estimate of the corking fee.

If you do choose to bring outside catering, please also note that in addition to the corking fee, there can be a cleaning fee that may be assessed to clean up after your catering company.

All “messy” food hospitality will require additional porter service to be ordered through Freeman. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the floor coverings at the show, no popcorn or other possibly damaging food items will be allowed in the exhibit hall.

Suitcasing (Non-Exhibiting Companies) & Outboarding Policy

Suitcasing is the practice of soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces of a trade show or industry event without purchasing exhibit space. This practice undermines the efforts of the exhibitors that have chosen to participate and invest in the event. As such, manufacturers or distributors who are found distributing information for services that do not have an exhibit space, will be asked to leave the premises of the event immediately and will forfeit the cost of their entrance fee.

Repeat offenders will be barred from attending or potentially exhibiting at future DOMOTEX events. This will be strictly enforced with the intent of preserving the integrity of the Show. The assistance of exhibitors in watching for this type of activity and reporting it to show management staff is greatly appreciated. If you see any non-exhibiting company attempting to distribute or solicit in the aisles, please note their name and company name or obtain a business card to show management as soon as possible. We will make every effort to stop these unfair sales practices.

Outboarding is the attempt by a company to create a competing event that targets attendees or exhibitors off the floor during show dates. There are several blocks in place to assist in stopping non-sanctioned events competing with official programming during the show dates. Any non-exhibiting suppliers seen attempting to outboard the Show can be barred from ever attending or exhibiting any future DOMOTEX events. Any exhibitors found outboarding without show management consent will be stripped of priority points and potentially barred from exhibiting in the future.


Off Site Meeting Request – Hotel Suites and Facilities

If you have a need for an off-site event at one of the neighboring hotels surrounding the GWCC or would like to inform Show Management of your request for an offsite event after/before show hours, please email for more information.



Security services will be available through Dupree Security, our official vendor. There will be staff at the entrances to enforce badge policies and access to the exhibit hall.

Drones of any kind will not be permitted on the floor or flown over the GWCC.

Security Precautions:

  • Ship locked trunks or crates. Avoid shipping cartons with contents displayed on the sides.
  • Never list contents on the outside of shipped containers.
  • Special consideration: Prototypes, high value or irreplaceable items. Never leave these items unprotected.
  • Maintain accurate bills of lading for yourself and carrier services.
  • Your EAC should have all shipping information to ensure proper delivery.
  • Drape off your display each night.
  • Never leave purses, briefcases or electronics under or behind your booth.
  • Do not store non-displayed products under tables or behind booths. Avoid leaving any product unattended on the dock.
  • Electronic equipment such as; DVD players, laptops, video cameras, and any other audiovisual equipment should be secured during non-show hours and at the close of the show.
  • Secure any samples during non-show hours.
  • Avoid leaving your booth unattended during show hours.


  • Pack all exhibit products as soon as possible after the close of the show; once again avoid leaving your exhibit unattended until all products have been repacked.
  • Move all items in the corners of your booth to the center of the booth to avoid accidents with passing fork lifts or freight.
  • Report any lost, damaged or stolen cartons or products to security immediately.
  • Booth Security is available on an individual basis. To hire a monitor specifically for your exhibit and product, please complete the booth order form located at the end of this section of the Exhibitor Manual or under “Other Service Providers” on the online version.
  • It is important to understand that Hannover Fairs USA, Inc, GWCC, Freeman Co and Dupree Security are not liable for lost, damaged or stolen merchandise from your exhibit before, during or after the show. The responsibility is yours and we recommend that you take all necessary precautions against all contingencies.


Selling Merchandise Off The Show Floor

Selling of merchandise at DOMOTEX USA will be allowed.

  • An 8.9% tax will be levied on all sales on the show floor.
  • Pick-up or release of goods sold will only be allowed in the hour after exhibit hours closes on Thursday and Friday only! If the buyer cannot pick up the goods during that hour, alternate arrangements must be made to ship the goods to the buyer after the show is over.

For Domestic Exhibitors – The State of Georgia requires a Department of Revenue form must be filled out to sell any merchandise off the floor. You must have this form as well as submit this form directly with your payment to the Department of Revenue at the end of the event. You must also fill out a Materials Release Form included in this Exhibitor Manual and provide this to Freeman before the end of the day (5 PM) for release of freight from your booth. The customer must pick up the good from 6 PM to 7 PM on Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1 to have Freeman release the goods from the show floor. No releases will be allowed on Thursday March 2 for pick up to avoid issues with slowing down the load out. If your customer cannot pick up during these hours, you will be required to make alternate shipping arrangements with your carrier for delivery. Once you submit the release form to Freeman, you will receive instructions of where to pick up the freight from 6 PM to 7PM only on Thursday and Friday only. Freeman must handle all transfers and there will be an additional fee of $75 for cart service to provide the good to the customer.

For International Exhibitors – If your freight was brought in by a customs broker, we will need approval by that forwarder to release any freight to a customer. All products sold must be brought in as for sale samples, all customs fees must be paid and correctly filed. If you sell any products off the show floor, you will need to fill out the Department of Revenue Sales form, providing payment for the 8.9% sales tax owed, and submit a Material Release Form to your Customs Broker for approval and release. Once they have deemed that all payment and taxes are paid, they will release the freight to Freeman and your customer may pick up their goods. The customer must pick up the good from 6PM to 7 PM on Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1 to have Freeman release the goods from the show floor. No releases will be allowed on Thursday, March 2 for pick up to avoid issues with delaying the move out. If your customer cannot pick up during these hours, you will be required to make alternate shipping arrangements with your carrier for delivery. Once you submit the release form to Freeman, you will receive instructions of where to pick up the freight from 6 PM to 7PM only on Thursday and Friday only. Freeman must handle all transfers and there will be an additional fee of $75 for cart service to provide the merchandise to the customer.


All exhibitors must purchase and hold a valid Certificate of Insurance or COI with $2,000,000 US policy for general liability coverage with a minimum of $1,000,000 US per instance for the duration of the event. Hannover Fairs USA, Georgia World Conference Center and Freeman Co must all be listed as additionally insured. To facilitate your policy coverage, we have selected Rain Protection Insurance as a provider for coverage. Please see their form attached under “Insurance” in the online version of Exhibitor Manual or attached at the end of this section.

If you contract with a 3rd party Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, they will also need to hold a separate insurance form with appropriate coverage. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to validate the coverage provided by their EAC and will be held liable for any damages not covered in the presented policy should the EAC misrepresent, already collected on, has pending claims or is under insured. It is the ultimate liability of the Exhibitor to ensure that their appointed EAC follow all rules & regulations set by Show Management. All COIs must be submitted to show management at by January 7, 2019. If a COI is not received, freight will be held, and your booth build will not be permitted to begin.