Domotex USA


Feb 28-Mar 2, 2019

Flooring Innovations


Global Brand

DOMOTEX has been supporting the carpet and floor covering industry for almost 30 years and demonstrated commitment to the flooring industry. DOMOTEX has since expanded into  growing markets in Asia (DOMOTEX Asia/ChinaFloor), DOMOTEX Turkey, and now the launch of DOMOTEX USA.

American Focus

DOMOTEX USA will focus on the American supply chain, providing a platform for flooring manufacturers to meet with buyers, and for professionals to address major issues facing the industry.

For the Industry, By the Industry

DOMOTEX has a long history of commitment to the floor covering industry. This is our guarantee that DOMOTEX USA will focus on the needs of floor covering buyers and manufacturers.

Industry Conference

DOMOTEX USA is working with top industry publications to form a leading conference program that will focus on top industry opportunities and challenges, including sustainability, workforce issues, training etc…

Ideal Location in Atlanta

Less than 2 hours by air for most of North America’s significant markets

75% of the population is in the eastern half of The United States

Population In the USA
Northeastern USA- 56 Million
Midwest USA-67 Million
South USA-122 Million

Major markets* within 2 hours by air

New York, Washington DC,
Chicago, Miami, Orlando,
Nashville, Charlotte, Dallas,
Houston, Tampa
* population

Richest markets**
within 2 hours by air

New York (2), Washington DC (3),
Atlanta (8), Chicago (12),
Connecticut (14), Detroit (17),
Raleigh(18), Naples Florida (23),
Philadelphia (24)
** per capita

Fastest growing markets
within 2 hours by air

Atlanta (3), Orlando (4),
Raleigh (5), Charlotte,(8),
Sarasota (6), Miami,
Ft Lauderdale (9), Nashville (11)